Our story

As children, we often yearned for our own separate bedroom—a space where we could freely express our personality through decoration. Hanging posters of our favorite idols on the walls, adding stickers, or placing small statues—it was all part of our personalization process.

As we grow older, we recognize that this act of personalization extends beyond mere aesthetics. It becomes a way to transform a space, to infuse it with life and character. Consider stepping into a room with plain white walls and minimalistic furniture—it lacks vibrancy. But now imagine introducing a charming dog rug or adorning the walls with a canvas print of a majestic waterfall. Suddenly, the room comes alive, reflecting not only our taste but also our unique essence.

At Moehfashion, we offer products that empower you to embrace this personalized journey, turning your living spaces into vibrant reflections of who you are. 🌟🏠

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What we sell

Our business specializes in offering a diverse range of home decor products, including bedding sets, carpets, and canvases. Our products feature distinctive designs and styles, providing customers with ample choices to enhance their living spaces.

Our bedding sets are crafted from premium materials, available in a variety of colors and textures to complement various decor themes. Meanwhile, our carpets are meticulously designed using soft materials to both enhance comfort and protect floors. Additionally, our decorative canvases showcase vibrant prints, suitable for any room in the house.

For our clients

Recognizing the burgeoning potential of the home decoration market, we decided to expand our offerings. Through thorough research and learning, we identified this sector as particularly promising, given the contemporary emphasis on personal living environments.

Driven by our passion and expertise, we have embarked on designing and producing exquisite home decoration items. Our focus remains on utilizing eco-friendly materials and prioritizing the quality of our designs.

Who are we?

We are 2 young girls with passion for online sales. We got to know each other at an e-commerce event, when the three of us talked to each other and knew we had the same interests. And we decided together to set up a business superhyp.com and rent an office at 421 N 7th St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123 US. At first, we sold handmade products imported from Vietnam and China on e-commerce platforms.

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